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Brianza Plastica   Brianza Plastica

Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962 and immediately began manufacturing Elyplast® fibreglass laminates for industrial and agricultural applications, gaining considerable success thanks to the versatility of the product. The company first invested in the roofing sector, expanding its production in the following decades to thermal insulation panels for industrial and residential applications with the Isotec® (1984) thermal insulation system.

The production site in Ferrandina (MT) was opened in 2003 to increase the production capacity of Isotec polyurethane thermal insulation panels and Elyfoam and Xroof polystyrene panels.

The fibreglass production subsequently experienced a real “rebirth” thanks to new applications in the automotive industry, particularly in refrigerated, recreational and people-carrying vehicles.

The new production site in San Martino di Venezze (RO) was opened in 2006 and the site in Ostellato was opened in 2008, both dedicated to the production of Elycold® fibreglass laminates with discontinuous cold lamination procedure, which enabled the company to become a leader in the sector.

In 2009, the production in Carate Brianza was also strengthened with the inauguration of a new production line specifically dedicated to Elyplan® continuous hot lamination products. In 2014, the new logistics and commercial centre, Brianza USA Corporation, was established in Elkhart, Indiana, USA, which allowed the company to be directly present on the US market, promptly meeting its specific needs.

In the summer of 2016, an additional production site was opened in San Martino di Venezze dedicated entirely to the production of flat fibreglass laminates made using the Elycold discontinuous cold-laminating procedure, and a new continuous hot production line for Elyplan was installed in the historical headquarters of Carate Brianza, thus making Brianza Plastica one of the leading companies in the sector for years to come.

At the beginning of 2019, the new chemical laboratory was inaugurated, almost tripling the previous surface area and significantly improving the equipment used to carry out most of the chemical-physical tests on both the raw materials and on the finished products. The new facility is equipped with the most advanced instruments to support the production processes of the insulation panels and composite laminates.

In 2021, Brianza Plastica started producing Elysol® compact polycarbonate sheets at its production site in Ferrandina, in the province of Matera.